Why people choose C&S Fashion’s products.

  1. We are the pioneers of many innovations, for our company continuously researches and develops to bring you an ongoing line of quality products.
    • We reinvented and introduced ‘Mono filament’ wigs in the U.S. market.
    • We innovated ‘Imagination fiber’, the closest synthetic to human hair.
    • We are the creators of the ‘Special curl’.
    • We designed and made the first ‘ All-stretchable cap.’
    • ‘Innovation caps’ with honeycomb were introduced to allow for multi-directional styling with less teasing.
  2. We have a variety of selections in color, quality, and price where no company can compare.
    • ‘ASPEN’, ‘DREAM U.S.A.’, ‘IMAGINATION’, ‘REVOLUTION’, ‘NALEE’ collections give you a wide selection of quality and price to choose from.
    • Unlike most other companies, we have over 70 different color selections.
  3. We offer fast and prompt services for customer’s special orders, half the time other companies serve their customers.
  4. Our company only deals with certified retailers; any individual wanting to place an order will be referred to the nearest retail store.
    • All customers wanting to do business are obligated to submit their business license.
  5. Our company is constantly coming out with the latest trend styles.  Our old styles can be ordered anytime as well.  Any styles purchased before are always available in the future.